So-called Natural Year phone breaks down, decays with each passing day

Phones these days are usually made out of plastic or thin strips of metal, and when it comes to the end of their life cycle, manufacturers often find it hard to have them disposed of and reused in one go. Well, here’s a design that might offer a solution.

The Natural Year phone, pictured below, is made almost entirely out of hay, aside from the screen, keys, and possibly the battery. As time progresses, the phone’s body will break down, literally, until nothing is left of it but the plastic and other non-hay pieces.

The designer envisions the Natural Year phone to be able to withstand daily decay for up to two years, until all that’s left of the phone are its non-grassy parts.

I can see spies and transients in other countries having a great use of this, but I think the biggest obstacle to this product’s success, if it ever exists, would be goats, horses, and other plant eating animals. But then again, if a user gets tempted enough to smoke it, well, you get the idea.

Via Yanko Design

Author: David Gonzales

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