$4 Motorola W180 can be OLPC of mobile phones

Does Motorola think it can rake in millions of dollars in revenue because of its over-priced masterpiece called the Aura? No, of course not. So what’s the company going to do about it? Why, make a mobile phone for the opposite end of the price range, of course. In the far, far opposite end, that is.

If you happen to be in the UK, and are looking for a really, really, really, really cheap mobile phone that you can maybe give away to a number of your friends this Christmas, this is it. The Motorola W180 only costs an astonishing £2.89 price tag, and that’s about $4.30 and €3.40.

For its price, you’d be a fool to think it would be anything else other than just a low-end mobile phone. It serves up dual-band GSM access, a small color screen, and USB 2.0 connectivity, before losing everything else.

But come to think of it, this seems like the perfect mobile phone to give away during the holiday season. Since we’re in some sort of financial crisis and all, the least you could do is give something, anything, away. And you could use this for that purpose without spending too much of your money.

Via Reg Hardware

Author: David Gonzales

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