iPhone Nano leaked once again, in slightly more detail this time

I could go on and on today to you about how Apple is wrong for ignoring the low-end market and why they should be producing a smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone that will be the iPhone nano, but what’s the use? I don’t see any, especially now that these beautiful cases of a purported, already-in-production, upcoming iPhone nano have been generously leaked. No, sir.

Apple’s past patent filings tell us a lot about what’s in store for the company’s future. But nothing tickles the fancy of fanboys greater than the real deal. And these photos, I feel, are as close to the real deal as any Apple fanboy can get. For now, at least.

The original iPhone nano patent showed us fairly old-fashioned ways of input, but apparently, Apple’s final production model will feature the same multi-touch enabled display that graces the faces of the first iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 3G.

Of course, all of the aforementioned information can only be true if the leaked photo of a supposed silicon casing I’ve embedded above turns out to be true. Which we’ll find out, supposedly, by the time Macworld 2009 officially begins.

From these designs, we gather that the iPhone nano will sport a display that’s probably a half-inch less than that of the iPhone 3G. It’s said to be as tall as the current 4th-generation iPod nano, but significantly wider and thicker, with the same contours as the iPhone.

There’s no telling where we’re headed with these leaked iPhone nano casing photos, but one thing’s for sure. It’s a device Apple should really set their sights on. Perhaps they’re already making one, perhaps not. But if more such things as these leaked photos get out, then this rumor will be intensified all the more.

iDealsChina via MacRumors

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