MOTOYUVA W396 joins Motorola’s low-end phone fleet in India

We had first uncovered this phone, the Motorola W396, a few months back as part of a trio of phone leaks in Motorola’s list of wap profiles. I had wondered back then why it had such an unimpressive feature set, but now it’s clear. This is a phone for the low-end market.

Launched just recently in India, the MOTOYUVA W396 is an affordable yet stylish-looking clamshell handset, with looks that only the maker of the original RAZR can produce. The essence of its design has long died, but it’s always nice to see fairly inexpensive phones dressed up nicely.

What does it do? Well, the MOTOYUVA W396 is a multimedia-centric phone, so it’s only fitting that it’s equipped with the latest version of Motorola’s MP3 player software, FM radio with RDS, stereo speakers and A2DP Bluetooth.

It also gives access to MOTOMUSIC, a Web and WAP service combo that’s got a MOTOMUSIC scratch card inbox offering 10 free ringtone downloads out of the box. It accepts microSD cards up to 2GB in size so you can rest assured that you always have an ample amount of space for your data. The built-in camera could’ve used an improvement, having only VGA resolution and 4x digital zoom, but the emphasis remains to be on music anyway, so most users should find that OK.

Apart from what’s mentioned, the MOTOYUVA W396 functions just like any other phone. It has a color screen, comfortable keypad, and it works in airplane mode (without a SIM card).

It costs Rs. 4,199 about ($88 USD) in India, and it’s available in all MOTO Stores and retailers.

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