Palm Treo Pro and pink Samsung Instinct from Sprint in January 2009

If you’re a Sprint customer just wondering what handsets the carrier will launch in the very first month of 2009, we’ve got some answers for you. 

First of all, Sprint will be offering the good-looking Palm Treo Pro, which should be available in all retail channels starting January 25. The retail price of Treo Pro will be of $549, but the contract price is not known yet.

However, knowing that the Palm Treo 800w is sold for $249 with a 2-yr Sprint agreement, customers should expect a similar price for the Treo Pro too (this although the latter smartphone is arguably better than the first).


Another interesting device that will be available from Sprint is a pink version of Samsung Instinct. And while there’s no official image with it yet, I assume the handset looks something like this:

Given the fact that pink phones are almost always successful, the pink Instinct should have no problems with attracting customers. Well, customers who like pink, of course.

And finally, there’s also a rugged iDEN Motorola i365IS on Sprint’s January list, but its price is not known for the moment.

Via Engadget Mobile

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • YH Kwon

    The 'pink' color in January must be for Valentine's day in Feb. as i believe. Right?

  • Ilinca

    Yep, it's very likely that Sprint has thought about Valentine's Day when it decided to come with a pink Instinct.

  • vesna

    wow! I wish I have it

  • nick

    price on i365IS is 399.99 with contract… 549.99 with out

  • Savannah

    yea they have a pink one but its just not that bright and im getting it in april cant wait

  • cassie

    how much is this phone? its suhhhweeett!

  • cassie

    how much is this phone? its suhhhweeett!