Get Ready, Android Fans: Docs to Go Coming

Huge news, any current or potential Android users — DataViz, the company responsible for Docs to Go software, has indicated that the Android platform is their next target.

In the last 10 years, Docs to Go has enjoyed a presence on Palm, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Such software enables users to not only view their much-needed Office and PDF Documents, but create and edit them as well. And now DataViz has let it be known on their company blog that further expansion into Android phones will be coming this next year.

We suppose it’s not much a surprise, really, but we can’t shake the feeling that DataViz has just been waiting a while to see if Android would actually catch on and launch successfully before investing so much into such a project.

This particular screenshot of SheetsToGo was shown on DataViz’s blog, but not much more detail was provided. Frankly this looks like a nice little teaser shot, enough to get some Android users drooling.

The company says they have a team working on the project as they speak. Don’t keep us waiting too long, guys!

via DataViz

Author: Brad Molen

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