Want a Home iPhone? Try the Orby

It’s obvious that with the success of the iPhone there would be a lot of companies trying to copy or outdo Apple’s innovative device, and we guess it was just a matter of time before someone attempted to do a cordless phone version.

Thanks to Gadgetell’s researching prowess, we have word that a company in Brazil is trying to do just that. We present the Orby –a sort of tablet-and-phone combination, both devices with a touchscreen mimicking the usual iPhone-style icons we’ve grown to love and appreciate.

The base (tablet) features a 7-inch touchscreen while the phone itself has a 2-inch touchscreen. Under the hood we find the unit packs 4 GB of RAM and 512 MB internal memory, web surfer, YouTube, and other similar apps to what’s found on the Apple. Feel free to view pictures and watch videos on it as well.

So, what’s the big deal? Why get a touchscreen tablet as a home phone when the computer (or perhaps even a real iPhone) is so close by?

Very good question, indeed. It’s been difficult to figure out the exact translations on the original website so it’s hard to find all the details, but this type of device would certainly become more appealing to me if it had a larger hard drive, were tied into a home sound system, and served as an in-home intercom as well as a living-room computer. Oh, and have it start the dishwasher for me while it’s at it.

Seriously though, think about it — with this kind of device, all the possibilities are endless. Our cell phones are integrating several types of entertainment and productivity into one device, so why not do the same with our homes? This is a great beginning to the house of the future, and here’s to hoping we hear more about this device in the coming months!

via Gadgetell

Author: Brad Molen

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