Palm’s own App Store now available in Palm Software Store

I’m sure you’ve already heard of the rumors about Palm’s new breakthrough OS that’s not actually a breakthrough called Nova, and how it will be unveiled at 2009’s International CES in Las Vegas. Seems like a logical step to take for company that’s been trailing behind its competitors for more than a few recent years. But that won’t be enough.

Palm recognizes this, and as such, they’ve made a move that’s as transparent as an unused piece of scotch tape. They’ve officially launched the Palm Software Store, which is, for all intents and purposes, an Apple App Store done in Palm’s style.

Versions of Palm’s Software Store are available for both Windows Mobile phones, as well as Palm OS by ACCESS-running smartphones. Palm boasts that the mobile software store offers over 5,000 apps & games available for download, but you’ll have to see them all for yourself to know for sure which ones to appreciate.

In any case, this certainly makes the process of downloading apps easier. Though it wouldn’t have hurt if they thought of doing this sooner.

Palm Software Store via Mobile Crunch

Author: David Gonzales

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