Samsung Techwin produces world’s smallest 8MP camera module for phones

The trend towards miniaturization seems to be unstoppable. After all, smaller is better in many situations, such as phone component parts, which lead to a smaller overall footprint and easier pocketability.

So while you already have phones that are thinner than ever, expect them to shed even more millimeters as time progresses, even though they keep gaining better features by the pocket-load. Those 8-megapixel camera phones with bad-ass optical zoom will become sexy in the future.

Samsung Techwin’s latest 8-megapixel camera module for phones is one reason why. This South Korean tech manufacturer has made and launched the world’s smallest 8-megapixel camera module for phones, which it aims to mass-produce soon.

According to the company, its 8.3mm thick camera module is 40% smaller than currently existing products, measuring 8.5mm by 8.5mm in size. This ought to pave the way for uber-sexy, RAZR-like 8-megapixel cameraphones in the future.

On a related note, Samsung Techwin’s shareholders will meet Friday for a proposed spinoff of the company’s camera division. The envisioned company, tentatively called Samsung Digital Imaging, is to be created in order to enhance the competitiveness of each business.

Via Telecoms Korea (paid subscription required)

Author: David Gonzales

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