Metal Gear Solid for iPhone in the works?

Want some good action games for the iPhone and iPod Touch? Well, so do I, but they’re not here yet. Although, this situation looks like it will change fairly soon, if what’s written on this supposed scan of the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly turns out to be true.

The scan shows a photo of the iPhone (or at least, something that resembles it) with what looks like the user-interface of an all-new Metal Gear Solid game. Yep, I can just barely make out that gun there. If only my machine-enhanced knowledge of the Japanese language were any good, I would have read out the words here to you.

However, aside from this teensy bit of image scan, there are no more details regarding Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone (Metal Gear Solid “Touch,” if you will) available elsewhere. So we’ll have to put this under the rumor category, for now.

Wii Everyday via Kotaku

Author: David Gonzales

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