Motorola Flash, Rush 2, Calgary and Inferno all leaked on the way to Verizon in 2009

And here I thought Motorola was sleeping on its laurels. Well, those that it still had on them, anyway. Apparently, the company’s adopted some sort of new hush-hush approach to developing their products, especially those that are most likely to catch the public’s attention.

Displayed here in all their drool-worthy glory are a total of four upcoming Motorola phones for Verizon’s network, and not one of these disappoint when it comes to looks, at the very least. Time will tell what features exactly each model holds.

For now, Motorola fans can settle on the fact that these handsets are as sure as the sun’s setting in the afternoon, and that they’re all scheduled for release some time in 2009 under Verizon’s network. The red-hot QWERTY Rush 2, pictured below, is said to be the first one of these that will come out, during Q1 of 2009.

The other two handsets on display are the Motorola Calgary (the silver one with a QWERTY keyboard), and the Motorola Inferno (the one that looks like a MOTO MING).

We’ll be on the lookout for more info regarding these handsets ourselves, and will update you hopefully in the near future.


Author: David Gonzales

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  • CPV

    Those are a very slick-looking phone from Motorola!

  • gu2009

    im intressted into getting this phone..
    but when will it be coming out..
    and how much will it be???

  • zangzang

    There is no picture you 1/2 wit.

  • Currito de la Cruz

    Wow thats photos!!

  • Currito de la Cruz

    Wow thats photos!!