Walmart to sell iPhone on December 28th, with a 2-year AT&T contract and not for $99

You didn’t really think that rumor about the $99 iPhone from Walmart would turn out to be true, did you? Well, if you did, then I’m deeply sorry but you have to snap out of that crazy dream you’re having!

The iPhone really is going to be put on sale in Walmart, and it’s going to happen sooner than later. To be more specific, Walmart will put the iPhone on sale on December 28th, at 9AM, in a total of 488 of its stores across the U.S. I could tell you more about this iPhone rollout in Walmart, but I think you should just go ahead and read the Walmart-confidential letter about the iPhone launch for yourself below.

Now that that’s out of the way, the question remains, why? Were the combined online and offline sales channels of Apple and AT&T not enough for customers? Or was Apple just happy it could sell a $2-less version of the iPhone in Walmart? Beats us, but if you’ve been avidly following the Walmart iPhone rumors since day one, well, that’s your answer right there.

Via Engadget

Author: David Gonzales

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