Nokia 7210 Supernova review

Part of Nokia’s 2008 fashionable line-up of phones, the Nokia 7210 Supernova is a slim candybar that became available in September, in two color versions: Vivid Blue (the one I’m reviewing) and Bubble Gum Pink.

Save for the yet unreleased Nokia 7100 Supernova, the 7210 is the cheapest Supernova phone to date and also the one that offers the most modest pack of features.

But this doesn’t mean it can’t be a good phone for customers who don’t need a myriad of high-end capabilities, right? Especially since Nokia sells the 7210 for a retail price of around €120 ($150), depending on the country you buy it from.

Nokia 7210 Supernova design

Unlike the other Supernova phones, the 7210 doesn’t come with changeable Xpress-On covers. Instead, it features a pretty cool color transition effect, visible on the left and the right sides of its display.

The phone is only 11 millimeters thin (10.6 mm, to be precise) and it somehow resembles the 5310 XpressMusic, another ultra-slim Nokia candybar.

To be honest, I think the 7210 Supernova looks better than the Nokia 7610 Supernova, although the latter is the Supernova flagship. Of course, when it comes to features, 7610 Supernova is better, but that’s another story.

Overall, Nokia 7210 Supernova has a simple look, mainly because it has no buttons on the sides whatsoever. It only has a charger connector on the left side and, on the top, a 2.5mm Nokia AV connector, a Micro USB port and a backcover-release key.

The back of the phone is also simple, with a 2MP camera and a loudspeaker.

The keypad of Nokia 7210 Supernova may look cool, but it’s kind of hard to get used to. It has rubber-like stripes between the keys, which really don’t help when you are typing something. I believe it would have been better if Nokia had opted for an entirely-flat keypad, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, some might find the keypad to suit their fingers perfectly, but only if they don’t have large thumbs.

Display & interface

The display of Nokia 7210 Supernova is among its best features. It’s only a 2-inch one, but it has 320 x 240 pixels and supports 256K colors, so the images and animations look good. Even more, I’ve noticed that, under the sunlight, the display of 7210 offers a better image quality than the display of the 7610 Supernova flagship.

The handset runs on Nokia’s popular Series 40 user interface, so it’s as simple and straightforward as it gets from this point of view.

7210 Supernova’s menu lets you discover its features with ease, but if you want quick access to various applications you should turn on the Active Standby mode.

There are 5 themes that can be used to change the interface’s look, and you can download more if you like.

Connectivity, call quality

Nokia 7210 Supernova features tri band GSM connectivity only (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), with GPRS (Class 32, 88 kbps) and EDGE (Class 32, 296 kbps).

The phone further features Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and USB 2.0, and it can be connected with a PC via Nokia PC Suite.

In terms of signal reception and call quality, the handset performs well, which is no wonder, since it’s a Nokia.

Multimedia, camera

The music player of Nokia 7210 Supernova can play MP3, AAC, WMA and MIDI files. It won’t stun anyone with its aspect, but it’s cool that it can run in the background. An equalizer is also featured, to let you choose the sound style you like best. Unfortunately, the phone has no dedicated volume keys, and I really don’t understand why Nokia didn’t include them.

To let us make use of that 2.5mm jack right away, Nokia offers a pair of headsets with the 7210 Supernova. They’re nothing great in terms of sound quality, but I didn’t expect them to be anyway.

The headsets also function as an FM radio antenna, so whenever you want to listen to the radio (which has RDS, by the way), you have to insert them into the above-mentioned 2.5mm jack.

The 2 Megapixel camera packed in Nokia 7210 Supernova doesn’t have autofocus or flash. However, the outdoor photos are not that bad, and I think most of the users will be quite happy with their quality (considering the phone’s price, of course).

A not so great thing is that there’s no dedicated camera button. Also, the camera is kind of slow: every time you take a picture, you have to wait about 5-6 seconds for the phone to save it, and that’s not quite cool.

The phone can also record video at 176 x 144 pixels and 15 fps, but the resulted videos are obviously of poor quality.

Web, games, others

The 7210 Supernova comes with a WAP 2.0 browser only, thus you won’t be getting any full HTML browsing experience on it. However, you can install Opera Mini if you feel like a WAP browser is not enough.

You can send and receive emails on the phone, via POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail accounts. Also, you can chat through various IM services.

The phone’s organizer provides a nice calendar, a notepad and a set of alarms that will surely get you up in the morning if you keep the phone’s volume at its maximum.

A nice and useful application is the Flickr one, which obviously lets you upload photos to the Flickr website, provided that you have an account there.

There are also several pre-installed games (3D Snake included), plus Nokia WidSets, Yahoo! Go, size converter, world clock and other stuff like this.

Memory, battery, SAR value

Nokia 7210 Supernova has a built-in memory of 30MB, but you can use only slightly over 20MB. The phone’s package doesn’t include a MicroSD card, but, if you want to, you can install cards of up to 2GB. Note that you need to take off the phone’s back cover in order to insert a card.

The battery of 7210 Supernova is a BL-4CT one. Theoretically, it’s said to last up to 2 hours in talk time or up to 250 hours in stand by time. I’ve found these values to be pretty close to the truth, which means that a regular user will have to recharge the phone once in 2-3 days.

As for the SAR value, the user manual of Nokia 7210 Supernova says: “The highest SAR value under the ICNIRP guidelines for use of the device at the ear is 1.29 W/kg.”

Availability & Conclusion

Nokia 7210 Supernova should be easily found in most of the cell phone stores from across Europe (and I believe Asia too). As I already said, its price is of €120 – or even less – hence we are not wrong calling it a budget phone.

All in all, if you don’t want to spend more than $150 on a handset and you have nothing against Nokia 7210 Supernova’s keypad, this tiny and thin 3G-less candybar could be a good choice for you.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Jaish Parpiani

    Can anyone suggest whether to but 7210, as I concerened about its battery life and I want to know whether its battery coould be problem? Thanks

  • tanush

    Hi Jaish,
    I bought this phone a week back. Its fantastic. Battery is as usual as u get with nokia. Its good.

  • siva

    receive this ma n web site and log on

  • siva

    receive this ma n web site and log on

  • Ilinca

    As it's said in the review, the battery life of Nokia 7210 Supernova is OK for an average user, given the phone's size.

  • medha

    battery is a big problem…it hs only 2hrs talktime..bad bargain 4 regular users..m regreting buying ths fon

  • vyasan


    I'm planning to buy this handset, can anyone please help with suggestions and also give an alternative set if this not upto the expectations ,which is of same range.

  • colour

    i just need to know why 7210 Supernova is not available in the pink colour

  • lucky

    because they cont replicate same colors in other models, always color vry

  • Topu

    this phone is smart but really it's battery is not so longer as it's smartness. But all total it is a really beautiful and hardy sety.

  • Reshma

    go n coloured ur phone with pink……….. its so simple………

  • avni

    Hi i want to buy a nokia cell ranging between 10, 000-13000/- which has a good camera and a good music player also……….; plz suggest me something…….;;;

  • grace

    how much this phone??
    it is cute..

  • Ilinca

    It's about 120 Euros / 160 USD / 105 British pounds.

  • achoy8

    it's available in pink nd white^_^
    i hve one right now.^_^

  • Israel

    I bought the Phone in Singapore It great all I want to know is if the phone will work in The US With an ATT SIM card?

  • Abhi

    I hav a cool blue handset, it worth a lot in its price,

  • Your mom

    I hav this phone its great and the video is good and the camera is good this reweiw is lyying aout the camera i rekon and the music player has a great interface

  • Ilinca

    The 7210 Supernova only has 900 / 1800 / 1900 GSM connectivity, so it won't work on AT&T.

  • pradeep

    battery is a big problem……..

  • ritoban

    i have 2 buy a handset .bit confused among supernova 7210 & x press music 5130
    other than music quality …how supernova is superior than …xpress music 5130 …????????
    how supernova's software support differ from .5130 …… ????????
    as macromedia flash 2.1 is provided .

  • pooja

    i want 2 buy this phone,can anyone tell me in which colours r they available in indian market..
    coz in shop only graphite colour is available…is ther any other colour available.

  • Nokia 7210 Supernova

    I am using the phone for a long period. I like its all features but its camera feature are not well like other phone. It has 2MP camera but the picture quality is not good like other phone. The camera of this phone is also very slow and light.



  • Dharmin

    Profile system sucks. Changing between two profiles works well but if you include 3rd profile in your change list then everything gets messy and no proper settings are applied by the profiles. Without any change in the silent profile it will ring the phone and such similar problems.

    Also the camera and gallery feature fault is there that if u clicked a pic and viewing the current pic then trying to delete that pic will give an error message “Unable to Delete”. So you have to go in gallery to delete that pic.

    Phone's volume is also a bit less but it doesn't matter for the ones who always or mostly use the silent or vibrate mode.

  • shaz

    a very cool fone stylish trendy, cool features overall rating 4/5, i had it for Rs 5325 /- its worth…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno

    complete;y illegible even in partial sunlight, even inside a car
    no way to set a monochrome display or improve the display contrast
    screensaver disappears after a few seconds
    manual very limited and unhelpful

  • swetha

    I purchased Nokia 7210 today here in India… Will it work in sweden??? As i am leaving for sweden next month…


    im buyin this phone in 3 months. anything i should worry about?

  • uzair

    yes it will work all aound the world as its triband.. no worries..

  • lagoos20

    Nice mobile

  • lagoos20

    How can list it's highlighting features..The camera,video,Gprs etc are nice..Especially the Internet accessing option is nice,i unlocked the mobile recently using the Unlock code purchased in here

  • lagoos20

    Nice mobile

  • lagoos20

    How can list it's highlighting features..The camera,video,Gprs etc are nice..Especially the Internet accessing option is nice,i unlocked the mobile recently using the Unlock code purchased in here