3 starts offering £9 per month contracts

Holiday season or not, I’m sure many of you are looking for ways to cut back on spending on your mobile phone contracts. Well, in case you still don’t have one, 3 UK tries to provide an answer. £9 per month contracts by way of something new they’re calling Mix & Match.

According to 3, Mix & Match will give you flexibility, offering 100 minutes or texts (or any mix of the two), free voicemail, 300 3 to 3 minutes, free Skype chat and calls and free Windows Live Messenger, all for just £9 per month.

As for the handset that comes with the Mix & Match plan, it’s a Sony Ericsson K660i, dressed in silver on black or lime on white, released exclusively on 3. The special offer starts December 23rd, so you best take advantage of it while it’s still hot.

Via Pocket Lint

Author: David Gonzales

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