Entire line of iPhone nano cases showcased online

If it weren’t for iPhone case manufacturer XSKN, we would have never been intrigued again by rumors of an upcoming iPhone nano. But well, the rumors have spread, especially with them posting a mock-up of the iPhone nano case they’ve designed.

Checking back on them today, it appears as if they’ve posted the entire line of their upcoming iPhone nano cases, available in a slew of different colors, all fit for the rumored device’s mock up. You can see a sample of it below. An iPhone nano case colored with black on black.

These iPhone nano cases are priced at $25, according to the site. And like earlier mentioned, it’s available in many more colors other than the black version embedded above.

Here’s a version of the XSKN’s iPhone nano case in red. They all look quite neat, but the existence of these iPhone nano cases (even if they get released) do not necessarily mean that the iPhone nano from Apple is actually real. Of it it’s going to be released any time soon. In any case, it seems XSKN’s showcase of iPhone nano cases is in full swing. Best take a peek at it while you can.

Author: David Gonzales

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