Mozilla outs Fennec alpha 2, the new version of Firefox for mobiles

The second version of Fennec, Mozilla’s mobile browser, is now available for download.

It’s the M10 alpha 2 edition and, like in the case of the first edition, the only mobile device that supports it is, for now, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet (with OS2008).  

Those who don’t have a N810 but still want to try out Mozilla’s new mobile browser can also do it, since it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux too.

The changes that Fennec alpha 2 comes with are not major, including speed and usability enhancements.  


Here’s the new stuff:

  • Enhanced responsiveness while pages are loading
  • Faster zooming and panning
  • Improved usability, thanks to changes in look and feel
  • New content manipulation hooks for extension authors

To download Mozilla Fennec alpha 2 for Nokia N810, visit this link.

For the Windows version, you can click here, for the Mac version here, and for the Linux one, here.  

Source: Mozilla, via AppScout

Author: Ilinca Nita

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