iPhone nano now available in Thailand, sort of

Knockoffs have undoubtedly come a long way since the first one we documented. And we’re not exactly new to the existence of knock offs for products that don’t even exist yet. That’s why we’re not at all surprised to see an iPhone nano allegedly for sale in Thailand.

Silicon case manufacturer XSKN first revived the myth nearly two weeks ago, with a purported iPhone nano case posted on its web site. Then, official-looking photos started to surface, though they were mere mock-ups it was the closest we thought we could get to the real thing. But we were wrong.

Some enterprising fellow out in Thailand already offers an iPhone nano up for sale, but it’s not an Apple. The iPhone nano clones, pictured here and shown in the gallery below, bear a striking resemblance to the earlier alleged iPhone nano we uncovered last year. However, the last year’s model was designed to mimic the original iPhone, while this new one looks more fit to be called an iPhone 3G knockoff.

While the iPhone nano knockoff shown here looks like it’s got Apple’s design copied right to a certain level, this is by no means a confirmation of earlier speculation and rumors. If Apple’s going to make an iPhone nano, they should remember to announce it and make their intentions clear. Then, and only then, will this matter go to rest.

Via Apple Insider

Author: David Gonzales

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