Qik adds support for 20+ new phones for the holidays

A new build of Qik with support for more than 20 additional phones is now available for download, so more people can “Qik all [their] holiday moments.” This new version of quick also adds a couple of new features.

First, the new version of Qik now has the ability to utilize external flash memory so that users can Qik longer in disconnected mode or under very poor network conditions. Also, the new version offers better experience for touch devices through on-screen functions that come up when you tap the screen on the phone.

As for the list of newly supported phones, here they are:

– Palm Treo 800w
– Palm Treo Pro (alpha support)

– Samsung SGH-i900/i908/ SCH-i910 (Omnia)
– Samsung SGH-i907 (Epix)
– Samsung SGH-i760
– Samsung SGH-i780 (Blackjack3)

– HTC Touch Pro
– HTC Touch HD
– HTC XV6800
– O2 XDA Trion
– T-Mobile MDA Vario II
– Vodafone 1605 VPA Compact III
– Orange SPV M3100
– Dopod CHT 9000
– Dopod 838 Pro
– DoCoMo HTC Z
– Qtek 9600
– iMate JasJam
– AT&T 8525
– Swisscom XPA v1605
– SoftBank X01HT
– Vodafone PDA 1605
– Vodafone PDA 9600

– AT&T SMT 5700
– Orange SPV E610

– Motorola Q Music 9m

Via Qik

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