T-Mobile prepping free replacement batteries for G1 owners?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all cellphones came with an extra battery pack free of charge? Well, that doesn’t seem like it will be happening in the near future, what with all manufacturing costs mobile phone makers are facing nowadays. But rumors have it that T-Mobile and Google are going to do just that.

It is said that T-Mobile is gearing up for a so-called extended battery project in which they’ll be sending out free T-Mobile G1 battery packs to owners within a month from now. This is to address the user-feedback regarding the T-Mobile G1’s less not quite impressive battery life.

No official word has come out yet from T-Mobile regarding this project, but G1 owners who qualify for the free battery pack should get notified via snail mail or e-mail in the next few weeks.

Via Google Android News

Author: David Gonzales

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