LG-GD910 wristwatch phone to debut at CES 2009

LG isn’t known to produce phones with rather quirky and unfamiliar form factors. However, this is about to change, as the company is set to debut its very first 3G-enabled wrist phone, in the form of the LG-GD910. It’s a phone with a twist that fits on your wrist.

The LG-GD910 might not look like much, but it’s a fully functional mobile phone that even supports video calls. It will be officially unveiled in public on January at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2009. It is expected to be made available in Europe initially.

The LG-GD910 is considerably slim, measuring only 13.9mm thin, and features a 1.43 inch full touchscreen LCD. Other key features include the following:

– Voice dialing with built-in speech recognition
– TTS (Text To Speech) feature
– Front-facing camera
– Music player
– Built-in Bluetooth

It boasts download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA, though I have a problem finding that useful with the LG-GD910 being as it is.

Author: David Gonzales

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  • K.I.T.T. where are you?

    Remember the 80's TV show “Knight Rider” with the Hoff?
    He had a watch that can communicate with his car – K.I.T.T..
    Only this model will be the real thing, but cannot communicate with a car…well, at least not yet!
    People will be looking at you while you put your wrist on your ear and mouth! Like you're doing a new dance move while walking! LOL!!!

    A bluetooth feature is a must on this phone!

    Isn't technology AWESOME??!!

  • Minnesotan

    I will definitely buy this if it has video-conferencing feature. The ability to video-conference anywhere is in DEMAND by the signing community of those who are deaf.

  • http://schoolization.com schooliz

    to commemorate M300 of SMS Technology which is almost forgotten

  • Pfft

    Could of sworn that signing typically used both hands :/

  • Spawn of stumpy

    Sign language varies all across the globe. You can get single handed sign language. Never seen it myself but my girlfriend is invoolved within the sign community & it does exsist. (mostly for when theyre at the pub having a beer whilst chatting to their mates tho !)

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  • Bocephus

    Awesome phone, too bad US data rates would quickly bankrupt you after a few video phone calls.

  • shaun moore

    can i have a price of the lg gd910

  • sR3lisa

    from what i hear the battery life is only 3 in a half HOURS!!

  • gobo

    How much?

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    Fuck No's How Much it is 🙂

  • Rocci

    This phone looks very very practical and simple to use. I'm waiting for it to be in stock at http://www.puremobile.com/LG-Mobile/LG-Mobile-G… I hope I can get it before the back to school!!!!

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