Make any iPhone 3G bare it all with icustom clear replacement case

Now, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? We had them for the Gameboy. We had them for early Nokias. So it only makes perfect sense for us to have a custom-made clear plastic case for the iPhone 3G.

The custom-made clear plastic iPhone 3G replacement case is done by the fine folks from over at iCustom, who will also gladly let you ditch your iPhone 3Gs default plastic get-up for one with wood in case clear plastic’s not your thing.

This is a great and completely legal way to strip down your iPhone 3G to its birthday suit. You may also notice that the iPhone 3G pictured here lacks a camera and several other fixtures. I believe those had to be taken away in order to make way for this custom design.

There’s no word of availability of custom cases like these outside of Russia, from which these will be manufactured from, but chances are, someone’s going to get around to importing/exporting them for the love of money or Apple or both.

icustom via Gizmodo

Author: David Gonzales

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