Samsung C3110 gets FCC approval

In case you had any doubts if Samsung is still in the business of making phones that people use to call other people, here’s proof. Up for launch soon is a new basic slider phone that’s eerily reminiscent of the Samsung D500. It even has much of the same features to boot.

It will be called the Samsung C3110, a relatively easy to use phone with very simple features, but with the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity as well as an FM radio for music on the go. It won’t have support for 3G speeds, but that should be OK since this phone isn’t intended for surfing the Internet or video calls.

Really, this phone is best used for messaging, as its screen and alphanumeric keypad appear to be comfortable in use. No info about pricing or availability is known at the moment, but judging from its photos and specs, it’s definitely not going to cost much. You’ll have to check out the FCC for a bit more info on it.


Author: David Gonzales

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