Fan-made iPhone Pro mock-up looks like it was delivered straight from the future

The iPhone 3G has been a great improvement over the original that was first released by Apple exclusively for AT&T. But there’s still plenty of room for improvement. And if Apple won’t work on it, someone elese will.

What we have here is a fan made mockup of what is supposedly called the iPhone Pro. It’s an enhanced and much improved version of the iPhone, featuring no less than a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, built-in gamepad, and dual cameras.

The front of the iPhone Pro doesn’t look much different than that of the iPhone 3G’s. But there’s an added front-facing camera that will allow for 3G video calls. The camera ’round the back has also been improved.

Needless to say, Apple won’t be producing this exact same device sometime in the near future. But in case they didn’t have any plans for a future iPhone model yet, this mockup is actually not that bad at all.

Planet Mat via Gizmodo

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Gadget Reviews

    i would love get one if they have improved then the iphone 3g features like bluetooth,video recording

  • Jeremy

    yh and this is what you call iPhone….

    I swear if that iPhone would release… oh boy.. i will get it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But come on now…. we all know that is fake…

  • MMansonFan08

    hell ya! i would love an iphone with a slide out keyboard and a camera in it!!!!!! wow r they really gunna make sumthin like that! i would TOTTALLLLLYYYY BUY 1!

  • James

    Shame the image doesn't display on internet explorer or google chrome!

  • James

    Shame the image doesn't display on internet explorer or google chrome!