Lupa concept phone: iPod Classic meets Motorola Aura

If Apple will ever want to make a swivel phone based on the iPod Classic, it should take a good look at the Lupa concept right here. 

Designed by Mac Funamizu, who’s also behind that Nokia Aeon-like concept, Lupa is a phone that would surely attract everyone’s eye if ever built in reality.

Its form factor reminds us of the uber-expensive Motorola Aura, although I think Lupa looks better, mainly thanks to its transparent swivel display.

The concept has a big navigation wheel, similar to the one we all know from Apple’s sixth generation iPod Classic.


Apart from these details, there’s not much info regarding the features that Lupa should offer.

It’s worth mentioning that “lupa” means loupe in some languages (Spanish, for example), this actually being the word on which the whole concept is based.


So what do you say, Apple guys? Could such a phone be a winner or a loser? :) 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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