Microsoft’s Silverlight for Windows Mobile available unofficially

Microsoft’s alternative to Adobe’s Flash, Silverlight, has been available for quite a while now on the desktop, but not on Windows Mobile devices. It’s been supposedly scheduled for a 2008 release date, but an official announcement from Microsoft still hasn’t come through.

However, official or not, there seems to be a Silverlight for Windows Mobile application available for download now, in the form of a photo gallery called “Silverlight for Windows Mobile Solution Kit.”

You can download the said application here. “Silverlight for WM (Zoom+Animation+3D )” is listed as one of its key technologies, and it is intended for use by developers who want to develop Photo Gallery Samples with Silverlight for Windows Mobile.

A full release of Silverlight for Windows Mobile is believed to be underway, thought I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft didn’t announce it sooner than later.

Via WMPowerUser

Author: David Gonzales

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