Video demo of Crayon Physics Deluxe on the iPhone

I had forgotten about Crayon Physics with the appearance of other games in the Apple App Store, but up to this day it remains one of my favorite games ever. I was wondering when its makers were planning to do an official release via the App Store, and as it turns out, it’s going to be soon.

I haven’t been able to find a place where it’s available for download, but seeing how well it’s played on the iPod touch in the video embedded below, it looks like it’s finally fit for production. The idea behind Crayon Physics Deluxe is still the same as the original, which was made available to jailbroken iPhones. A user’s drawings will come to life on screen and will follow the rules of gravity, among other physical forces.

Words would go a long way to describe Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone, but I thnk it would be best if you just check it out in the video below. It’s going to be officially released in January 2009, so watch out for it.

Author: David Gonzales

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