Foxconn subsidiary looking to peddle customized handsets for telcos around the world

Foxconn International Holdings, or simply FIH, must’ve felt really bad from all the dwindling handset orders of its clients (which include Nokia and Motorola) so it has decided to start looking for clients in international operators, according to media reports in Hong Kong.

Right now, it is said that FIH plans to start making customized handsets for carriers around the world to recover from the setbacks they’ve been currently experiencing, what with the worldwide economic slump and all.

Another obvious reason for this is HTC’s success as a once behind the scenes handset maker for other companes that has now become a well-known phone brand itself. Perhaps FIH is trying to emulate this, and if it can’t get anything done with Nokia and Motorola, they might as well woo other parties, hence the telcos.

Author: David Gonzales

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