Nokia opening 10 specialty stores in Beijing next year

Nokia already has two flagship stores in China: one in Hong Kong and another one in Shanghai. That isn’t going to change soon, however, a total of 10 specialty stores are set to be opened next year, with a cooperation between Nokia and local mobile phone chain store D. Phone.

D. Phone will be the one managing the 10 Nokia specialty stores in Beijing, which is what separates it from Nokia flagship stores that are managed directly by Nokia itself. The specialty stores will have the appearance and brand logo of a Nokia store, according to reports.

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The first one of these Nokia specialty stores is already open in Beijing, in the Zhongguancun commercial area, where the highest concentrations of mobile phone chain stores in Beijing is located. It has a total area of more than 130 square meters.

No firm dates have been set as to the subsequent launch of the remaining 9 specialty stores, but D. Phone is said to be already working on these plans of theirs.

Via China Retail News

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