Pointmobile’s PDA ‘PM250’ officially launched

These days, rugged smartphones are kind of hard to find. And so are oddly shaped phones. Which is why the just recently launched Pointmobile PDA ‘PM250’ is both refreshing and intriguing. It is intended for use in retail warehousing and logistics applications where durability in a handheld package is a must.

Why it’s shaped like a karaoke mic or flashlight, I don’t know. But from the looks of it, I don’t think a user will have a hard time holding it, what with its apparently ergonomically designed body or hand grip section.

It features are rather low-end:

– Microsoft’s CE 5.0 operating system
– Marvell PXA300 624MHz processor
– IP64 sealing, Light-weight and uncommonly well-balanced body
– 1D and 2D bar code scanner positioned with 30 degree bended scanning angle
– Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 1.2
– 2.8-inch QVGA TFT LCD

Pricing info wasn’t available, but it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Via Aving

Author: David Gonzales

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