Google Mobile app for iPhone hides a secret menu for extra customization

Google has always been playful with many of their products. But still, I can’t say that I wasn’t surprised when I found out about the extra hidden feature they’ve put in the iPhone’s Google Mobile App with Voice Search. We certainly didn’t cover that one at launch.

In a nut, Google has outfitted the Google Mobile app with an extra feature called Bells and Whistles, with options for users to change the app’s color theme and sounds.

Google Mobile App with voice search easter egg

Getting to it will prove frustrating to some, as it takes quite a bit of a user’s time. But if you really want to access this easter egg, then go on and swipe repeatedly to go below the app’s About page. Now, I wonder if Apple knew about any of this when they approved the Google Mobile app. You think?

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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