Turn your Nokia Internet Tablet into an extra PC screen

Ever felt like using your Nokia Internet Tablet’s 4-inch display as an extra screen for your PC? If your answer to that question is yes, you’re in luck, for a user at the Internet Tablet Talk forums has just put together a short list of instructions.

You’re going to need a few pieces of software, a PC, and of course, an Internet Tablet. This method works with Windows 2000/XP and possibly Vista. Needless to say, this is a “try at your own risk” kind of gig where your only chance to get help if anything goes wrong is to contact the one who devised this method or get in touch with others who have tried it.

Ready? First, download the necessary software for both your PC and Internet Tablet. These are:

For the PC: RealVNC and the Windows virtual display driver from the ZoneScreen app
For the Internet Tablet: VNC Viewer (go to Extras, and install this through App Manager)

Afterwards, the actual installation and setting up will have to occur. I’ll let the pros handle it from here, so go to the link below for further instructions.

Via Internet Tablet Talk

Author: David Gonzales

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