CDMA Pantech Cupid IM-S390 officially announced

Stop. Smell that? It’s love. Love is in the air. Or at least that’s what Pantech must have been thinking, when it officially announced this: the Pantech Cupid IM-S390.

The Pantech Cupid IM-S390 is a new CDMA phone that’s light on the design, but a bit heavy on the features. It might not look like much, but its small screen will be able to show a user TV shows via the phone’s built-in terrestial DMB TV tuner. It doesn’t hurt that it’s cute and named after a cute little mythological god, too.

One can only hope that the Cupid moniker in there is supposed to be something of a reminder for the upcoming Valentine’s Day on February 14th. If not, then it makes no sense.

Also among the Pantech Cupid IM-S390’s list of features is a slick 12.5mm thickness, support for external memory, an electronic dictionary and built-in subway maps. It will be available in the follwing colors: white with pink, white with lime, and black. And at only 40 won in Korea, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be a hit with the ladies. Release is in five days.

Author: David Gonzales

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