Paid Android apps confirmed for this month

Although, for the moment, T-Mobile G1 is the only available smartphone to run on Google’s Android OS, the open source mobile platform has already gained a cult following.  

Android Market, the place where you can find all kinds of apps for Android, is also highly popular, so it’s no wonder that Google wants to introduce paid applications to it.

Currently, only free apps are distributed via the Android Market, but starting mid-January, paid ones will also be available (in some countries, at least).   

According to TG Daily, Eric Chu, Google’s Android Market manager, has confirmed himself the arrival of paid apps. 


The US and the UK will be the first countries to benefit from the paid apps. After that, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Spain will follow. 

Moreover, starting this month, new European countries (like the Czech Republic) will be able to access the Android Market. Also, an Android Market website dedicated to publishers will be launched, allowing developers to better target their products.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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