What’s In My SIS lets users explore SIS files live online

It’s a common thing for hardcore Symbian smartphone users. At one point, you’re bound to think, “What exactly lies inside this .SIS file that I’m about to install?” Right?

If you’re that guy (or girl), then this great new utility is for you. It’s not the first, but it’s noteworthy on its own, for it’s an online tool that’s available to anyone, anywhere. Regardless of whether that person has a Symbian-powered smartphone on hand or not.

WhatIsInMySIS.com is a new online tool that lets users explore the innards of their mysterious SIS files. In a nut, the online explorer displays the following: contents of .sis file and installation directory of each entry, capabilities of each executable (exe, dll, .pyd), and the certificate chain.

WhatIsInMySIS.com is available for free, and no installation is required. Remember the address: WhatIsInMySIS.com.

Via Andreas Jakl

Author: David Gonzales

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