Fring updated with new features for Windows Mobile smartphones

A new dose of fring for Windows Mobile smartphones brings several much needed features to its mobile VoIP users. For instance, the latest release of fring for Windows Mobile (officially version 3.34) carries new & improved fring Add-ons. And it now supports the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and Samsung Omnia, to name a few.

What else is new in the updated fring for Windows Mobile? The File Transfer function is one, giving users the option to send digital files to all fring, Skype, MSN & Yahoo buddies at the click of a button. This is all done via the Internet, so wires/cables, Infrared connections, or Bluetooth pairing won’t be required.

Improvements to navigation and functionality have also been added, with the inclusion of a new ‘Go- To menu’, Privacy and ‘Joystick-In’ settings, typing indication and new Add-Ons Managment screen. These all add up to make the overall user experience simpler.

HTC users will be glad that they’re the only ones getting support for earpiece use in this update, so that they can carry on their VoIP conversations over an earpiece, but owners of other devices powered by Windows Mobile should feel the difference just the same.

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Author: David Gonzales

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