Kogan Agora in live pics – a decent Android handset

Australia’s first and only Android smartphone, namely the Kogan Agora, has appeared in a set of live pictures, which prove that the device is real and not just a Photoshop rendering (like we could have believed from the previously released official images).

The Agora was presented from the beginning as an affordable handset, that’s why you can’t expect it to look awesome. Even so, it surely doesn’t look bad, although it lacks originality.

Built in the same manner as a Motorola Q or a Samsung BlackJack, Kogan Agora comes with features like a full QWERTY keyboard, a rather small QVGA touchscreen display, GSM and HSDPA connectivity, GPS and Wi-Fi (the last two ones are present only in the Pro version). 


Kogan will probably showcase the Agora during CES 2009, so if you’re around and you crave for an Australian Android-running device, go see it. 

Until then, you might want to visit Kogan’s online shop, where you can pre-order the smartphone.

Via Gizmodo Australia     

Author: Ilinca Nita

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