Broadcom demoes 10X faster Bluetooth

Broadcom, the Californian manufacturer of semiconductors, announced that it has developed a new technology that provides Bluetooth transfers with a speed of up to 10 times faster than the speed allowed by current Bluetooth standards. 

Thanks to “alternative MAC and PHY (AMP) technology”, Broadcom’s Bluetooth chips will be able to offer data rates of up to 24 Megabits per second.

Moreover, by using Wi-Fi 802.11 technologies, the chips can also provide a significantly increased range, thus allowing Bluetooth transfers between devices that are not necessarily close to each other.   


“Broadcom’s AMP demonstration of Bluetooth running over an 802.11 link highlights the new opportunities for expansion of the consumer electronics applications being driven by the evolving Bluetooth standard,” declared Mike Foley, Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG.

The Bluetooth AMP technology is being showcased by Broadcom at CES 2009, in Las Vegas.

Source: Broadcom

Author: Ilinca Nita

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