CES 2009: Sony Cybershot C905

During my long walk through the convention center for CES, I found myself in the Sony Ericsson room. And much to my delight, I found a Cybershot C905 among the phones on display.

We have seen and heard all about the C905, but this was my opportunity to see one up close and personal.

And hopefully to your delight, here are some pictures. To be honest, they are not the clearest, so I will be going back on Saturday to see if I can snap some better pics and will replace them on this post. But for now, this will work.

Update- new pics posted.

This pic gives more of a rundown of the specs, which have already been announced. The biggest selling point of the C905 is the 8 MP camera.

To be quite honest, the phone felt a little bulky in my hands, especially compared to the thinner slider phones out on the market currently. But for a 8 MP camera inside, I think we can forgive them for that design snafu.

I discovered today in my CES experiences how incredibly weird it feels that my 7.1 MP camera, the one I’m taking the picture with, has a lower resolution than the camera in the phone I’m taking the picture of. Now I’m really starting to like where mobile technology is going!

Author: Brad Molen

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