LG GT500 and GT810H in the works?

All major handset manufacturers now have their own, but LG seems hell-bent on beating out everyone else in sheer number of models available. What am I talking about? Touchscreen phones.

And while LG hasn’t announced anything mobile-related at CES except perhaps the LG GD910 wristwatch phone, two new touchscreen-equipped LG phones have been spotted, and are said to be on track for an official unveiling at this year’s upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The two handsets in question here are the LG GT500 and the LG GT810H. Both handsets will feature 240×400 pixel touchscreen and support for HSDPA data. These are based on User Agent profiles of the two phones that were uncovered recently.

It’s not clear whether or not these two handsets will really be announced at MWC, though, as no other details can be found anywhere. But it sure wouldn’t hurt LG to have these couple of new models in stock. After all, choice is a good thing.

Via Cellpassion

Author: David Gonzales

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