MagnaChip Semiconductor announces WVGA resolution supported AMOLED driver chip – EA8850

A company from Korea called MagnaChip Semiconductor has just announced the EA8850, a new high-end WVGA resolution supported AMOLED driver chip that would give way to more high resolution handsets in the mobile market.

The EA8850 supports WVGA (480RGB x 864) resolution, and at the same time it also works with nHD (360RGB x 640) resolutions. It also supports Qualcomm’s Mobile display digital interface (MDDI) 1.2 technology.

Other features that you might take for granted about the MagnaChip Semiconductor EA8850: support for 16 million colors, automatic brightness control and smart mobile current control.

It wasn’t specified when the Korean company plans to supply this AMOLED driver chip to handset makers, but it should be present in devices that are to be released later this year.

Via DigiTimes

Author: David Gonzales

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