New PowerVR chip could make way for HD iPhone in the future

The PowerVR SGX543 is a new PowerVR graphics chip made intentionally for mobile phones by Imagination Technologies, and it was quietly let out of the bag during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There was no mention of Apple having anything to do with it, but a report from AppleInsider has it that the same could be used to power graphics on future generations of the iPhone.

As Imagination Technologies’ fifth generation of graphics accelerators for mobile phones, the PowerVR SGX543 is said to contain “a much more efficient instruction set with particular optimizations for rendering graphics shaders, or the visual effects that apply to pixels onscreen and geometry in 3D views.”

Its maker also touts it as being “40 percent faster for “shader-heavy” software and can push as many as 50 percent more triangles when handling 3D.”

What’s more, Imagination Technologies says it is very scalable and very efficient, running at a clock speed of just 200MHz while having the ability to push 35 million polygons per second and 1 billion pixels per second. This could undoubtedly make way for a future HD iPhone.

The question is, will Apple spend effort working with it? Currently, the iPhone uses an older PowerVR MBX core for its graphics, and it isn’t clear if Apple plans on jumping to SGX for the next generation of iPhones. If the move is made, however, the PowerVR SGX543 chip looks to be just the right chip to use. It’s only up to Apple to decide how they will make this work.

Author: David Gonzales

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