Check out These LG Watch Phone Pictures

The buzz has been all about the LG “Dick Tracy” watch phones that were unveiled this week at CES 2009. Essentially the watch phones will feature touchscreen, a speakerphone as well as bluetooth, a rather large amount of internal memory for playing MP3 music, and a text-to-speech recognition for you to listen to any text messages come in.

While a very cool innovation, they will not be ready for release until the second half of this year, at the earliest. So the models they showed off at CES were basic prototypes and were nowhere close to what will be on the final production model. I was able to take a video of one of the LG reps showing off the device, which I will post later. For now, let’s show off some pics of the clever new device!

Would you purchase a watch phone? It sure makes us gadget geeks drool, but I’d like to know how much interest people would have in this particular gadget in everyday life. If the price is right, I’d personally be tempted to get it. Using your phone as a wristwatch would certainly make it more difficult to lose or drop it, I believe!

Author: Brad Molen

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