Motorola Aura Makes CES Appearance

I can now say I’ve held a $2,000 phone in my hands. The Motorola Aura was making its rounds at the CES 2009, and I was able to snag some pictures of it in action.

While I am not the kind of guy that would just simply fork out a couple grand for a phone such as this, I came out rather impressed. It definitely feels like a solid phone, and I must say that the screen, albeit small, was the most beautiful screen I’ve ever seen on a phone.

So check out the pics for yourself. I’m planning on getting a video posted on the website as soon as possible as well. Motorola certainly did a good job of showing luxury in making the Aura.

Below, you will notice the gears in the back which allow the swivel mechanism to work properly.

Above, you notice how Motorola takes advantage of the tiny circular display to incorporate the menu.

The camera in action. While a circular display, the picture still shows up in a square. I had to double check for myself.

Author: Brad Molen

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