50% of HTC phones to run on Android next year?

The bad news (or at least rumors) just keep on piling for Windows Mobile.

This morning we’ve heard the talk that in addition to Symbian, Motorola might be dropping Windows Mobile OS on it’s new phones as well.

Now we are hearing that HTC is hard at work on a touchscreen device that might be even better then recently announced Palm Pre. At it won’t be carrying Windows Mobile, opting for Android OS as well.

According to Australian Telsra execs –  the new HTC device was better and more functional then Pre and will be a real competitor to both Palm Pre and iPhone.

They are probably talking about the successor of HTC G1 here and that it should be a significant improvement over the first test model. And I would not read anything more into it. For now…

HTC will have a new good high end touchscreen WM device this spring, and probably quite a few more through 2009. And WM devices will still make a bulk of the phones produced by HTC this year.

But going into 2010 things might become very different. A guy with some amazing inside sources in the industry says that HTC decided to strongly prioritize the development of Android phones and that already next year (2010) HTC inventory will be split 50/50 between WM and Android handsets.

So, if both reports – loosing Motorola and preference of HTC – are true, some pretty challenging years are ahead of Windows Mobile division at MS.

Via WMPowerUser and Eldar Murtazin

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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