Keyboardless Palm Centro 2 with webOS in the making?

You have to admit it, the brand new Palm Pre and the webOS platform have about all it takes to bring back Palm’s lost glory.

And since one new smartphone is not enough, Palm surely wants to come up with at least another one. In fact, rumors have it that the Sunnyvale company is already working on the second webOS-powered smartphone.

PalmInfocenter says that this might be the Palm Centro 2, which will be released via Sprint (like the Pre), but sometimes in the fall – thus months after the Pre.    

The weird thing about the Centro 2 is that it may not have a hardware keyboard at all, but only a large touchscreen. So, could it look like the mockup below?


I hope it will actually look better 🙂

But we’ll see about that when Palm decides to divulge some official details about its second webOS handset, be it the Centro 2 or not.  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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