Motorola might say goodbye to Windows Mobile and 50% of its handset division’s employees

Motorola’s long affair with Windows Mobile could be ended this year, and that’s because of Google’s Android platform.

According to PhoneScoop, Moto intends to release fewer handsets per year from now on, and none of them will run on Windows Mobile. Instead, the future Motorola smartphones will be based on Android.

This means that MOTOSURF A3100 is, most probably, the company’s last device to come with Microsoft’s mobile OS. And I’m not sure if this is good or bad news.

What’s certainly bad news is that, besides planning to ditch Windows Mobile, Motorola also intends to layoff about 50% of the employees from its handset division – meaning thousands of people.

The first series of layoffs could begin this week. Only the handset division will be affected, so it’s once again clear that this is Moto’s weakest branch.  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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