Nokia Locate Sensor launched at CES

Nokia wants to make sure you always have your power-packed smartphone within reach, so they’ve cooked up a little something called the Nokia Locate Sensor to serve as a little reminder and sort of an assistant.

The Nokia Locate Sensor is currently a work in progress, now a project at the Nokia Research Centre labs and could very well soon be an official release product. But what does it do?

As a tiny device that measures not bigger than a small thumb, the Nokia Locate Sensor can be attached to virtually any object a user desires. One that the user is fond of remembering not to forget, Nokia presumes, like say, a phone, a wallet, keys, or an I.D.

Once attached, the Nokia Locate Sensor will communicate wirelessly to a user’s phone via a software app to ring alarms whenever certain events happen (i.e. when the object with the attached sensor is dropped, or when the user and the object with the attached sensor get farther apart from each other than they should).

How the Nokia Locate Sensor wirelessly connects to a user’s phone wasn’t specified, though it could quite possibly be Bluetooth. 100 individual sensors can be supported by a single app on a phone, and each sensor is said to have power enough to last for one whole year and 6 months.

We won’t be seeing this go retail any time soon, but it would certainly be a good thing to have lying around.

Via Nokia Conversations

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