Upcoming HTC smartphones for 2009 leaked mercilessly

Just when you thought you’ve heard enough about HTC for today, here comes news of their upcoming smartphones for 2009, which apparently have been leaked onto the web for people like us to feast upon.

Here are several HTC device designs that are said to be those of future models, most of which will probably run Android. As mentioned in an earlier report, HTC smartphone production in 2010 will be split between WinMo and Android, so at least one of these should be Android-based as it’s scheduled for release in 2009.

The first one above looks like an HTC Touch Diamond replacement, which the second one below might be the new HTC Excalibur. Further down, there’s something called the “Whitestone W” which looks like a full touch-enabled Internet Tablet. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about these handsets come MWC in February.

PPCGeek via WMPowerUser

Author: David Gonzales

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