Dolby at CES, Offers Surround Sound for Phones

This one took me completely by surprise, as I had not heard any mention of it until I came across Dolby’s booth at CES 2009. Turns out that Dolby is working on a way to bring its landmark 5.1 surround sound to our cell phones.

I was given a LG Renoir and some headphones, and was told to listen to the difference between normal and Dolby surround — and it was a rather large difference. I’m still amazed to see this type of technology being offered, as it just seems crazy that I could be listening to 5.1 through headphones coming out of my cell phone.

No word on when we can expect this out. I was told that first Dolby has to find companies interested enough to build the tech into their phones directly, as it will not be supported by phones without it being built in.

Author: Brad Molen

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