Will the HTC S743 Turn Heads? Pics

Turn your head this way and find out, won’t you? I found some jewels at the Microsoft booth this year, as well as some oldies. Right next to the Blackjack II was sitting the HTC S740.

The reason this is a head-turner is because the S743, which is essentially the S740 with US 3G frequencies thrown in, has been announced for the states. The S743 is a rather skinny phone, as if it were the skinny version of the Touch Pro.

Naturally, as I had never seen this phone in real life, I found time to become acquainted. I love the keyboard on it, but the screen just wasn’t large enough for my taste.

I have offered up these pictures for your viewing enjoyment. What do you think about the S740/S743?

Author: Brad Molen

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  • http://www.vulinks.com Paul

    Will it turn heads Yes but only to say WHY, Why have a keypad & a qwerty Keyboard?????

  • p3ngwin

    is it me or is that running the next WinMo (6.5 or 7) ?

  • unknown

    WinMo Standard for Nontouch devicec.

  • unknown

    WinMo Standard for Nontouch devicec.